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Our Curriculum

The daily schedule includes active and quiet indoor and outdoor play, art, dramatic play, music and creative movement, block building, sand and water play, science experiences, stories, manipulative materials, cooking, exploring, thinking, questioning, talking and laughing. 


Children are given opportunities to express ideas and feelings through dance, music, theatre, and visual arts as they learn about and explore different forms of communication.

Science, Technology + Engineering

By exploring how things work with hands-on and minds-on activities, children are given the foundation and tools they need to observe, investigate, design, and think critically.

Motor Development

Gross and fine motor skills are promoted through indoor and outdoor activities, helping children develop skills and confidence using their bodies and the equipment they play with.

Language + Literacy

Literacy skills are developed within a print-rich environment. Stories and themes promote personally meaningful speaking, listening, writing, and reading experiences.


Mathematical thinking and problem-solving are incorporated into block play, dramatic play, outdoor play, and even art with symmetry and design.

Social / Emotional Development

With guidance and meaningful feedback from caring adults, children acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed in community life: cooperation, sharing, and respect.

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