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Children playing

Celebrating Play.

Celebrating Children.

The New Nursery School provides a sense of community for children and parents

in which love, support, and respect for self and others will maximize all of the

child’s social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth.


We Believe...

Each child is a person worthy of our love, respect

and attention.

Each child is unique with their own needs, interests, abilities and growth rate.

Each child is a creative person who needs opportunities to experiment with a variety of

materials and flourish in mind and spirit.



Children learn by doing in our warm and nurturing environment. We emphasize process over product, encouraging exploration and self-expression in an age-appropriate setting.


We are a tightly-knit community where all families are an important part of our school. Open communication and familial participation enhance children’s educational experiences.


Our generous parents and volunteers afford us many opportunities to host events both within the school as well as in our community.

Our Classes

2 years old before September 1st

Our toddler classroom is designed for little explorers. It is a safe and fun environment primed for play-based learning and social interactions. 

2.9 years old before September 1st

In our preschool classroom, children create

artwork, participate in science experiments,

pretend and play–all the skills that help them

form their own ideas about the world.

4 years old before September 1st

When you walk into our Pre-K classroom, you see artwork, writing, community photos, and labels to help connect letters with words–all preparing them for years ahead.

 News + Notes 


September 7-8th

School Photo Day

October 25-26th

Enrollment is Closed

Registration opens in January for the 2024-2025 School Year.

Contact Us for more information.

Colorful Alphabets

Mark Your Calendar

Get these Fall events into
your calendar!


29th - Parents Night Out (PNO)


4/5th - Children's Yoga

23rd + 26th - Tune Time w/ Jessi

26th - School Photo Day!

29th - Fall Fest / Trunk or Treat

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